Knowledge Management Platform

Finally, a Knowledge Base that teams actually love to use

Are you actually using your Knowledge Base? You're not the only one. Somewhere along the way, Knowledge Base got really hard to use. KnoBis is simple, intuitive and requires no training.

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Capture knowledge generated in different forms

Knowledge is generated not just in the form of documents and long form articles but also in conversations. KnoBis enables you to capture and organize knowledge generated in various forms such as questions & answers, rich text articles and multimedia documents.

Find knowledge you need quickly and easily

A powerful search engine helps search through different content formats, including documents such as PDF and Word files. Access to last searches and last read articles helps users to start from where they left.

Deep integration with Slack and Google Apps

Capture and access knowledge right from your Slack channels, and import documents directly from your Google drive while creating articles. A Google Chrome extension ensures you never have to leave your favourite app to access KnoBis.

Convert your knowledge and articles into PlayBooks

Combine your knowledge articles into a playlist, and create training or onboarding programs, or a playbook of your processes or product/offering information.

Robust user management and article version control

Have complete control on which user has access to what knowledge, and a strong version management system helps you track changes in a knowledge article over a period of time and roll back to previous versions.


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